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Felix Palmero is a young gay Cuban photographer and model born in Las Tunas. He studied in the Instituto Superior de Diseno in Havana and graduated at the Escuela di Fotografia Creativa de La Habana. Felix is spiritual and lives his life with generosity and happiness… but life is not always easy in Cuba and Felix is not immune to frustrations… which with no doubt nourish and contribute to his work. In early 2022, Felix relocated to New York City with his husband. Recent collaborations: “PNPPL Zine” online ; exhibition during the La Biennal De La Habana 2019 (off) ; participation to the BeArt LGBTQI art exhibition in Toulouse, France (2019) ; collaboration with On The Lo Swimwear… amongst others.

"Through my photography work I like to have fun; I want to be different and colorful like the streets of my sweet Havana. As a model, I have been often in front of the camera and I wanted to discover how it was to be on the other side, to capture glimpses of happiness, of magic, and express my own vision of the world. I therefore taught myself photography. I want to reveal to the person facing my lens a moment of their own history and create a happy memory. A photograph is the precise moment when you capture some truth from an individual, this moment becomes eternity. I enjoy working in existing natural or architectural backgrounds that will become a scenario for the model, and the streets of Havana always bring so much inspiration. I am fascinated by people and therefore I love to express myself through portraits. The Human face is rich and diverse. Everybody is beautiful in their own way and photographs reveal this unique beauty to the world.  Art is made from the heart; I therefore invite you to discover my own little universe with much love and humility. MakeArt – NotWar.


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